Apex Legends Mobile launches for iOS and Android

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Respawn Games has finally released Apex Legends Mobile on the Play Store and App Store! They announced in a tweet yesterday giving a trailer of the game. The game has been redesigned for mobile phones to give players the best experience possible. The game had been in beta testing for many months in select regions only. However, the beta testing is now over and the game is available.

Those who preregistered for the game through their smartphone platforms’ respective app stores have received multiple rewards including the Founder’s badge, a Bloodhound banner frame, a Bloodhound banner pose, an R99 Epic skin, and much more.

The gameplay of the mobile version is identical to the desktop and console versions but may be subject to change.

The game has incepted its first season with a new battle pass along with a new agent known as Fade. A new Arena map has also been introduced.

The new agent is christened Fade, who comes with a passive, tactical, and an ultimate ability just like other characters. Fade’s passive ability, Slipstream, gives a speed boost at the end of a slide. His tactical ability is called Flashback and it teleports Fade to the previous location before the slide. Finally, Fade’s ultimate ability, Phase Chamber, lets him throw a core that explodes and makes everyone in its field unable to deal or receive damage, making it a protective barrier. The Season 1 battle pass allows you to get Fade at Tier 25 for free.

There is also a new map called Overflow only for the Arena mode. There is a new training mode called Advanced Training Level that will let you hone your skills.

The game also has surprisingly low system requirements for its vastness. It includes Android 6.0/ iOS 11.0 or above, 2GB+ of RAM, 4GB+ of free space, and chipsets more powerful or similar to Snapdragon 435/ Hisilicon Kirin 650/ Mediatek Helio P20/ Exynos 7420/ A9.

Many users have reported smooth performance on even old or inexpensive devices. This is extremely positive for the future of the game.

The game also got a new team fill feature, which will auto-fill a player in active games if an existing player leaves instead of leaving the team at a disadvantage. The team fill will only work in Team Deathmatch mode. Finally, Apex Legends Mobile gets the 30-30 Marksman rifle, 4x – 10x thermal imaging optic scope, and heatshields.

All in all, there are preregistration rewards, a new agent, a new map, more items, a new training mode, a new season and a brand new meta all cramped in a package that can be easily played on even the most weakest of devices. Apex Legends Mobile is incredibly new and it looks like it has a bright future.