Shutting Down

CounterHawks is shutting down on 10th June 2023. We have had a great four years with all of our followers and members. However, it is time to part ways. We wish everyone the best!

Amazing Guigde To Get More FPS In VALORANT!

Is your VALORANT game lagging? We can relate. The anger that comes from missing a simple shot because your game decided to stutter is unmatchable. Fortunately, we have prepared a guide to reducing VALORANT lag and stutters. Before we begin, we would like to give a disclaimer. We are not responsible for any damage caused […]

Apex Legends Mobile launches for iOS and Android

Respawn Games has finally released Apex Legends Mobile on the Play Store and App Store! They announced in a tweet yesterday giving a trailer of the game. The game has been redesigned for mobile phones to give players the best experience possible. The game had been in beta testing for many months in select regions […]

Halo Infinite Introduces Two New Maps For Season 2

After an incredibly long Season 1 in Halo Infinite, we have big news on Season 2. Season 2 is going to be called Lone Wolves and Halo Infinite’s developer “343 Industries” has been revealing improvements and additions. One of the major improvements includes new maps. Level designer Tyler Ensrude describes Catalyst as a symmetrical map […]

Our Website’s Redesign!

We are super excited to announce our website’s redesign! We started from scratch and made a fresh new design to fit our brand and goals! We have redesigned it from scratch taking into account our corporation’s values, vision and mission. Not only is this redesign beneficial on making the website look good, it also helps […]

Avalanche & CounterHawks!

  We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the brand known as Avalanche Esports! They are a professional gaming organization. CounterHawks and Avalanche decided that it would be great for both corporations to partner since it would lead to the most fruitful outcome. This partnership will lead to many advantages: Growth for […]

Why is eSports so popular?

Ah. Gaming. Our favourite hobby. Why is eSports so popular? We have many reasons to answer. eSports has been present for the past 30 years. It is extremely popular and successful. It has only started being popular now. Why is eSports so popular, you may ask? In this article, we are going to cover the […]